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Model BS-100

Back light Scattering Opacity Analyzer

Online dust monitoring device using the mainstream technology of laser back-scattered light principle.

BS -100 is mainly used for continuous monitoring of various sources emissions of particulate matter concentrations.

The laser beam (650 nm) comes across the detection area and produces scattered light after effect with dust particles. The back-Scattered light crosses the lens coverage’s into photosensitive detector. Analyzer circuit and control section converts light signal into signal output which is proportional to the dust concentration, and obtains dust particles emission concentration of pollution.

  • In-situ zeroing and span calibration
  • Automatic gain control and temperature compensation
  • Smart appearance, easy installation, convenient disassembly.
  • Infra-red remote control


Backward Scattering

Response Time

< 1 Second

Customer range:

0-999 mg/m3

Optical path length

300mm to 12m


≤ ±2 %FS



Laser transmitter


Fuel gas Temperature

<500 deg. C

Ambient temperature

-40 to 50 deg. C

Analogue output

4-20 ma, maximum load 800Ω,-channel,2 *( 4-20mA) 

Digital Interface



2 KG

Relay output

2 output

Power supply


Back light Scattering Opacity Analyzer Brochure