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Degassed Cation Conductivity


Degassed Cation Conductivity

A new design for conductivity measurement for power cycle chemistry monitoring. By providing conductivity measurement in compliance with ASTM D4519, this system provides assurance of water purity to maximize power production and minimize corrosion. Unambiguous measurement of trace levels of corrosion causing contaminants is enabled with effective operator supervision. A must product for startup and supercritical Boilers.

All Systems are designed in compliance with ASME PTC-19.11, USA, GDCD, UK, EPRI, VGB Standard S006-2012

• All conductivity measurements
• No external cooling water required
• Stainless steel construction
• Multi-parameter transmitter with single-screen display of all measurements
• Very High Accuracy
• Auto Ranging
• Integrated flow sensor with automatic heater shut-off if flow stops
• Precise detection of corrosive contaminants
• Inferred pH and CO2
• Trend graphs for all measurements
• Universal PCB
• Digital Sensors
• Emergency stop button
• Low flow cutoff

• Faster Plant startups and simpler turbine warranty compliance
• Easy displaying and monitoring of sample conditions
• Protects the system from thermal damage and maintenance
• Understand plant characteristics better and plan maintenance, avoiding plant shutdowns
• Colour indicating Resin for depletion
• Alerts for changeover of Cation Column

• Feed Water and Steam Monitoring
• Power Plant Steam Quality Monitoring
• Power Plant Condensate Monitoring