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Isokinetic Sample extraction probe

Isokinetic Sample extraction probe

Isokinetic Sample extraction probes are designed to extract saturated and superheated steam samples isokinetically at high temperatures and pressure, ensuring extraction of a representative sample from the process steam lines.

● Designed for supercritical power plants.
● Rugged design, highly resistant to thermal and hydraulic shocks.
● Easy to install.
● Eco-friendly material.
● Designed for high pressure upto 400 Bar
● Design Temperature : 610oC
● Material of construction : SS-316H
● Dual Isolation valves for maintenance and safety shutoff
● Installed and working many power plants upto 800MW

● Extracts steam isokinetically i.e. extracts all impurities in line.
● Avoids sample contamination during extraction.
● Ensures true representative sample for accurate analysis in parts per billion (ppb) level.