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Hot Wet Extractive System

Hot Wet Extractive System

This Analyzer is based on a tuneable laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) and ultraviolet difference absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) technology principle. The system is divided in mainly 3 parts: pre- treatment, gas analysis module and data processing and display. After the flue gas is passes by the sampling probe and then passes through the heat tracing line , the measured gas is analysed by the hot gas analysis module (TDLAS +DOAS technique).

Compact structure

Very easy installation

Advance Automation

Less maintenance Cost

Multi-parameter integrated on the same system.

  • Response time: < 90 second
  • Accuracy: ≤± 2 % FS
  • Repeatability : ≤± 1 % on calibration gas
  • Maintenance interval: 3 months, depends on field condition
  • Cal interval: 1 month
  • Analog output: Each channel 4-20Ma ,500 Ω load

Communication Signal: 1* RS232, 1* RS 485

Hot Wet Extractive System Brochure