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Model 7873​​​

In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Temp. Up to 800°C) Heavy Duty Applications

The model 7873 Oxygen Analyzer is a Zirconia analyzer designed for the analysis of combustion gases. It measures the residual concentration of Oxygen in the fumes produced by combustion processes that is the quantity of residual Oxygen after the complete oxidation of the fuel.

The Instrument features a special Zirconium Oxide sensor with reference to the solid state (consisting of a special mixture of metals and their oxides) eliminating the need for a reference air flow.

  • Extreme Roughness
  • No Critical Parts
  • Easy to Use and Service
  • No reference flow needed
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Accuracy:1% O2 below 5% or 2% of reading above 5%
  • Output Resolution: 0.01% O2
  • Response Time Sensor: 0.1 sec ;  Overall system < 5 sec
  • Flue Gas Temperature: up to 700°C (on request up to 800°C)
  • Insertion Length: 300 / 450 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm
  • Industrial boilers using any type of fuel: Natural gas, LPG, light oils, heavy oils, diesel, coal, biomass
  • Utility Boilers
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Low Temperature Incinerators
  • Power plants
  • Cement Kilns
  • Industrial furnaces

Model 7873 In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Brochure