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Pressure Reducer


Pressure Reducer

The Variable Pressure Reducer and Thermal shut off (VRTS) is used to reduce the pressure and control the flow of high-pressure steam and liquid samples, and shut off the sample line for high sample temperature. The VRTS is a compact version for pressure reduction. The pressure of the incoming sample is reduced as the liquid is forced to travel through the narrow gap between the tapered rod and the rod opening. Because the work is done over the entire length of the rod, localized wear is held to a minimum. The result is a very long service life compared with devices in which the pressure drop is taken over a very short distance (fixed orifice, pressure regulator, etc.). Other devices erode frequently causing function loss and down time. Thermal shut off valve at the end will close if sample temperature increases by preset value. These type of pressure reducers are recommended by ASME 19.11-1997.

• Designed for high pressure boiler sampling lines above 35 kg/cm2 (500 psig) with inlet pressure upto 375 kg/cm2.
• Used to reduce the sample pressure from 400 bar to 3 bar.
• Outlet pressure totally adjustable. Outlet pressure 0 to 30 bar adjustable.
• Rod-In-Tube Design.
• No Filters Required.
• Built-in thermal shut off valve.
• Built-in pressure relief valve.
• Built-in temp contacts.
• On line grab sample valve.
• On line blow down valve.
• 6 components in one assembly

• Wetted Material: Stainless Steel 316
• Pressure rating: 5680 psig (400 bar(g))
• Temperature rating: 650 °C
• Maximum Flow: 100 LPH (liquid)
• End connections: ¼” (6.4 mm) OD tube

• Maintenance free with online clearing arrangement.
• Robust design.
• In line with recommendations of ASME PTC 19.11-2008.
• No Filters Required.

Modern Power Plants require Steam and Water Analysis System for Chemical Analysis of water and steam samples. Reliable and stable high-pressure reduction, High Temperature shutoff presents sampling problems for the system designer. VRTS is designed to solve both reliable high-pressure reductions by rod-in-tube technology and high temperature sample shut-off by thermal expansion/contraction element technology. Also, inbuilt clean in place valve avoids plugging of valves. The Annual Book of ASTM Standards. ASTM Designation 03370 recommends rod in tube pressure reducer for samples pressure greater than 500 psig (34.5barg)