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Purge Rotameter (ST Series)


It is an instrument used to measure instant flow rate of Liquids and Gases and are commonly used for purging or low flow measurement.

• Fluid  :  Liquids & Gases

• Density /Sp. Gravity :  Upto 85

• Viscosity  :  Up to 220 cp

• Temperature  : Up to 150°C

• Pressure  :  Up to 8 Kg/em’

• Measuring Range  :  6 to 160  LPHof Water / liquid 10 to 5000 NLPH of Air/Gas at NTP

• Line Size  : Up to 1″ NB

• Available Materials :  SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L PTFE/Monel/Hastalloy

• Connection : Flanged to ASNBS/DIN/ Triclover Standard Screwed to BSP/NPT(M/F)

• Accuracy  :   ±2%  of FSD & ±1.5%   on request

Rotameters Flow Meter -
SC250 & SM250 Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

Rotameter SC250

SC250 & SM250 model metal tube variable area flow meters are suitable for gases, liquids and steam flow measurement. It uses a robust metal tube construction with an optional plastic liner to handle tough and corrosive process fluids.

• Linear scales.
• High performance measurement in extreme working conditions.
• High resistance to temperature, pressure and corrosion.
• Low pressure drop.
• Damping mechanism to avoid float bounces in gas applications.

Rotameters Flow Meter -
6001/6002 Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

Rotameter 6001

6001/6002 series glass tube rotameters are designed according to VDI/VDE 3513 standards. Its clear borosilicate tapered glass tube with scales help flow reading with great accuracy and ease. End connection options such as screwed end connections, flanges and sanitary couplings make it suitable for all kind of process industries.

• Easy Installation, no straight pipe required.
• Low pressure drop.
• Adjustable alarms operated magnetically or with infra-red light.
• Measuring tube in Borosilicate glass.
• Steel construction, coated with Polyamide 11.
• Connections in Steel, SS 316, PVC & PTFE.

Rotameters Flow Meter -
2000 Series Variable Area Purge Meters

Rotameter Series 2000

2000 series variable area purge meters use a tapered borosilicate glass tube with a fine threaded regulating valve for precise flow adjustment. Various flow tube lengths such as 100 mm, 150 mm and 300 mm are available. It’s compact construction with reduced dimensions facilitates easy installation and mounting on control panels

• Easy Installation.
• Short mounting length.
• No straight pipe required before or after the flow meter.
• Vertical mounting for rising fluid flow.
• Horizontal inlet & outlet connections.
• High & Low flow alarms (Optical, inductive or hall effect sensor).
• Constant flow regulators RCA or RCD.