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Sample Coolers - Heat Exchangers


Sample Coolers

Steam Equipments Sample Cooler is a compact unit, specially designed as per ASME SECVIII, Div-1 & ASME PTC-19.11 recommendations, to handle high pressure & high temperature applications.

The sample flows through a fixed volume high pressure cylinder which is built inside the sample cooler shell, the cooling water flows through the cooling shell.

These coolers as designed for counter flow cooling to achieve very close temperature approach of the sample to coolant.

The cooler is made up of double helix coil which meets ASME D1192 requirements, fitted with a baffle for maximum efficiency.

The shell is mounted through flanged connections and it can be removed without disturbing sample line. Generally, SS coil is selected, however if the chloride content of the sample is high, Inconel coil is selected otherwise it may cause stress corrosion.

• Coils with double helix shape for more heat exchange.
• Compact Design: It’s very compact compared with the service it is put to. The double helix coil design makes its size almost half the size of conventional single helix designs.
• High efficiency: Very close approach temperatures with minimal cooling water requirement.
• Removable shell resulting in easy on-line shell cleaning. Facilitates routine on-site maintenance easy. Coils can be cleaned in-place.
• Built-in safety valve for CW line.
• 3 stage cooling in one shell design.
• Fully stainless steel material.
• Shell relief valve: Shell is protected with a built-in-Shell Relief Valve, thus preventing accidental pressure built-up inside the shell in case of failure.
• We can offer IBR approved sample coolers as well, as our facilities are approved by IBR.

• Tube designed at 250 bar and 580 °C
• Tube material is ASTM A213 TP-316 and seamlessly built
• Shell designed at 10 bar and 200 °C
• Shell material is ASTM A312 TP-304
• End connection options of ½”, ¼”, ¾”, ⅜” OD

• In-built safety relief valve to prevent accidents in the field in case of an (unlikely) event of coil failure. This kind of failure may occur due to chloride attack & stainless steel fails under this attack. It is always advisable to therefore have a built-in shell relief valve for operator safety.
• For specific applications we can offer IBR / CRN approved sample coolers, for aggressive environments (high chloride content), we can offer Inconnel coils in our sample coolers.
• Truly Counter-flow design. Counter flow technique of the sample and the cooling water, which ensures that the sample & cooling water flow in opposite direction, thus resulting in effective cooling of the sample.
• Sample coils that are easy to replace, as they are not welded to the top flange. This also provides easy maintenance of the cooler. With the presence of a drain plug at the bottom of the cooler, flushing out of cooling water and cleaning the cooler is effective and easy.
• No joints on the coil: A complete single piece coil assures trouble free operations with no risks of failure of joints inside the shell.

• For cooling high temperature liquids to safe temperatures for continuous monitoring systems.
• Boiler water.
• Refineries and petrochemical.
• Oil & Gas.
• Process steam.
• HRSG Power Plants.
• Industries like Cement, Paper, Sugar etc.