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Temperature Gauges

Temperature Gauge 

The Bimetallic Temperature Gauge operates on the basis of coefficient of thermal expansion of metals. The bi-metal the coil is manufactured from two cold-welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficients, which rotate in proportion to temperature. The rotary movement is conveyed to the pointer via a frictionless assembly. A comprehensive range of the standard version facilitates a variety of applications and uses. Adhering to the EN13190 standard, the design and construction of the bimetallic temperature gauge offers a robust and reliable means of temperature measurement with quick response time.

• Compliance to latest EN13190.
• Standard ranges : 0 to 50°C up to 400°C.
• Overload capacity of 130% of FSD.
• Ingress protection to IP68 4” & 6” models.
• Accuracy class: tolerance class 1 as per EN13190.
• Stainless steel casing.
• External zero adjustments (optional).