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Combined System

Combined SWAS System

It consists of both wet panel and dry panel combined into one system. It is customize built panel which includes Primary and Secondary sampling components in one skid with indicating and control instruments like Isolation Valves, Blow Down Valves, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauge , Temperature Gauge, Rotameter, Grab Sample Valves are in front of the panel mounted on SS sheet with common Tundish. Dry panel components such as Sample Cooler, Filter, Cooling and Chilled Water Isolation Valves, Thermal Shut Off Valve, BPRV, Cation Column etc. are on the back of the panel. Flush mounted analyzer panel is adjacent to sample panel which makes combined panel compact and easily serviceable.

All Systems are designed in compliance with ASME PTC-19.11, USA, GDCD, UK, EPRI, VGB Standard S006-2012

• Designed as per ASME PTC 19.11 recommendations.
• Design temp: 650oc and p: 400 Bar
• Compact double helix type, shell and tube sample coolers
• All high-pressure components to pressure reducer can withstand temp up to 550oC
• Automatic high temp shut off valves are used for high temp protection
• No power supply required
• No wiring required
• Rod in tube type pressure reducer
• Online pressure regulator cleaning
• No filters used
• Back pressure regulator with SS diaphragm
• Easy access to components
• SS cooling water pipeline