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(Fully Integrated and Tested Steam and Water Analysis Systems)

FIT SWAS (Fully integrated and tested Steam and Water Analysis Systems)

FIT SWAS mounted in stainless steel shelter

Shelter based SWAS inside view

Shelters (or some call it Containerised systems) are the best suited for large plants. These are safe for use, provide good working area for user & system expert, yet protects the equipment from unauthorised usage / fiddling. Shelters save space, civil work, field work & lot of time on site, as these are plug and play type systems. The deliveries of such systems can be given in a medium span.

All Systems are designed in compliance with ASME PTC-19.11, USA, GDCD, UK, EPRI, VGB Standard S006-2012

• In compliance with ASME PTC 19.11, VGB Standard S006-2012
• Totally enclosed construction.
• Analysers and Sampling system at one place.
• Easy access for operator to all instruments.
• Design provides safety to the equipment ensuring longevity and trouble-free operation.
• Can be installed and commissioned in record time.
• With MOC as FRP, CRCA or SS-316 according to customer’s requirements.

• Sample temperatures than can be handled: from 30 to 650oC. (more temperatures can be handled on request).• Sample pressures than can be handled: from 1 to 350 Kg/cm2 (more pressures can be handled on request).
• Typical size of rack (per line): 2100mm (H) x 6000mm (W) x 2000mm (D). (Width will increase incrementally as per number of lines).
• Cooling water temperature: 25 to 35oC (If more, special designs are available).
• Cooling water quality: preferably DeMin water with chloride content <35ppm (If different quality water is available, special designs are available).

• Longer life of equipment ensured.
• High degree of safety to the operator ensured.
• Unauthorised usage totally prevented.
• Saves lot of time at site in terms of installation as well as commissioning.
• Saves lot of civil work, tubing, piping and cabling.
• Plug and play construction.
• Saving in manpower and material costs at site, thus reducing project costing substantially.
• Saving in utilities transport.

• Large Thermal Power Plants (Typically 800 to 1000 MW per unit).
• Combined Cycle Power Plants.
• Chemical / Pertrochemical / Fertilizer / Refinery applications of sample conditioning and analysis.