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SEPL’s chiller is designed with sufficient refrigeration capacity to ensure that sample stream temperature is up to 25oC ±1oC. It is fabricated with complete stainless-steel construction. Chiller is of direct expansion type with refrigerant tubes inside a shell, completely insulated and to be constructed in accordance with the ASME code. Refrigerant circuit consists of components such as thermostatic expansion valve, liquid line solenoid valve, sight glasses, filter-dryer, refrigerant shut-off and charging valves.

All Systems are designed in compliance with ASME PTC-19.11, USA, GDCD, UK, EPRI, VGB Standard S006-2012

• Compact skid mounted chiller system, ready to install.
• Chillers are fully automatic with tried & tested controls.
• Quick chilling is ensured with plate type or shell and tube evaporators.
• Chillers use energy saving with cycling fans and high efficiency fin tube air-cooled condensers with liberal sized fans.
• Chillers offer guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters.
• Specific design to meet customer requirement for various temperatures available in addition to standard models.

• In sample handling systems, chillers are used to achieve outlet temperature of sample at 25oC. Chiller package is one of the important & valuable element of SWAS Unit.