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Plate Mounted System


Plate Mounted System

Pre-engineered plate mounted sampling panels comes in four combinations – High Pressure High Temperature sample, High Temperature Low Pressure sample, Low Temperature High Pressure sample and Low Temperature Low Pressure sample.

Components in sampling panel are selected based on sample pressure and temperature. Pre- engineered panel are ready in stock which leads to minimum delivery time and lower transportation cost. These panels can be mounted on rack with cooling water inlet and outlet connection based on number of sampling streams.

All Systems are designed in compliance with ASME PTC-19.11, USA, GDCD, UK, EPRI, VGB Standard S006-2012

• Designed as per ASME PTC 19.11 recommendations.
• Design temperature of 540oC (Optional 650oC ) and pressure of 250 Barg ( Optional 400 Barg).
• Compact double helix type, shell and tube sample coolers.
• All high-pressure components to pressure reducer can withstand temp up to 550oC.
• Automatic high temp shut off valves are used for high temp protection.
• No power supply required.
• No wiring required.
• Rod in tube type pressure reducer.
• Online pressure regulator cleaning.
• No filters used.
• Back pressure regulator with SS diaphragm.
• Easy access to components.
• SS cooling water pipeline.

• Compact in design
• Suitable for few numbers of sampling lines
• Cost effective
• Readily available in stock

• It is suitable for a single line system.
• It is compact and apt for single or dual analyzers.