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Highly Innovative Zirconia Probe

OxyPink is a highly innovative Zirconia probe, the only one able to measure residual O2 concentration in flue gas in the whole range of temperature from 0°C to 1250°C thanks to a simple but very advanced integral heating system, managed by the external electronics.

Designed to withstand the most severe and dusty process conditions, this resilient in situ analyzer,  completely ceramic-made, is the ideal solution for cremators, incinerators and for all combustion processes where the probe must be always in line, whichever is the flue gas temperature.

  • Direct insertion into the post-combustion chamber or in the chimney
  • No sampling system required
  • Sensor on the tip and no gas circulation
  • Ideal for use in advanced furnaces with remote control
  • Wetted parts in ceramic materials (Zirconia and pure alumina)
  • Measuring Principle: Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia)
  • Accuracy : 1% O2 below 5% or 2% of reading above 5%
  • Repeatability : ± 1% of reading (short term)
  • Response Time: less than 5 sec. at T95 (with flow rate 2 l/min.)
  • Temperature Range : 0°C to 1250°C
  • Sensor Output : E.M.F. function of Oxygen concentration
  • Type of Thermocouples : Standard type B
  • Cremators
  • Incinerators
  • Treatment Furnaces

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