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Sample Filter

Sample Filter

Steam Equipment’s high-pressure sample filter is used to trap the particles up to 40 microns and may reduce plugging of the sampling lines. These Filters are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, to avoid chocking of the sampling lines. This filter comes with online cleaning arrangement with optional blowdown port.

• High pressure capability: Maximum inlet pressure up to 250 Kg/Cm2.
• 40 Micron Sintered Stainless steel filter elements.
• Suitable for corrosive applications.
• Very High operating temperature up to 500oC.
• Compact design.
• Spring Loaded, Easy to clean.
• Stainless steel body material.

• Spring loaded ‘T’ type construction.
• Body material : SS 316.
• Filter rating: 40 micron.
• Design Pressure: 375 kg/cm2.
• Design Temperature: 500 °C.

• Compact Design.
• Spring loaded, Easy to clean.

• Filters are required in sampling system to protect sample coolers, valves, analyzer elements etc. from contaminants.