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Effluent Quality Monitoring System

Effluent Quality Monitoring System

The UV/Vis Spectrometer System is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple parameters and offers a broad range of control functions.

The utilization of chemometric methods allows for the measurement and comprehensive analysis of a multitude of water properties, contained suspended solids, as well as dissolved substances. To achieve this, the evaluation encompasses the entire absorption spectrum ranging from the UV until the near-infrared range (200-720 nm).

Adjustable Optical Path length
Automatic Cleaning
No Consumables
Deployable Upto + 110 °C
Remote Access Control

Measurement Methods:
UV/Visible DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy)
Measurement Range:
0-300/800mg/L, can be customized as demanded
Accuracy: ≤±10%
Repeatability: ≤±2%
Measurement Interval: 1-30min (settable)
Zero drift: ≤1%F.S
Span drift: ≤5%F.S
Measurement Module Size: 276*110*61 mm
Probe in water depth: <10m
Weight: 8Kg
Probe weight: 5Kg
Linearity: 2%F.S
Ambient temperature: 50~450
Power supply: 220 VAC±10%, 50~60 Hz, 100W
Output: 2*4-20mAoutput, 2* digital input, RS232/RS485

Drinking water quality control
Process monitoring in industrial facilities
Control of process water treatment
Environmental Monitoring of river water