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Steam Operated Condensate Pump


Simple in construction and operated by steam, these are highly economical and energy efficient pumps for pumping of hot condensate practically at 100° C. The pump is available as a complete package with condensate collection tank, interconnecting piping with strainer, isolating valve, disc check NRV at inlet and disc check valve at outlet. It is also provided with the motive steam inlet connections complete with isolating valve, steam trap and piping. Condensate inlet to tanks and the condensate outlet of the pump are provided with flanged connections.

  • It is completely mechanical type pump.
  • No electricity and Pneumatic air required for operation.
  • Operational cost is very negligible.

Available Sizes:
25NB, 40NB, 50NB and 80 x 50NB.

Max Operating Inlet Pressure : 7 Bar
Back Pressure : 2.8 Bar
Max Capacity : 5000 kg/hr

  • To recover condensate from process and transferring it into boiler feed water tank.
  • Lower cost of operation and higher amount of heat recovered, compared to centrifugal pumps.
  • Due to its capacity to pump condensate at 100 Deg. C. plus high feed water temperature can be achieved which in terms eliminates the use of water treatment chemicals to drive off the dissolved gases.