Application Information
  Vortex Cooler  
The Therm-Omega-Tech Enclosure Air Conditioning System will keep process equipment from overheating and going out of calibration or worse yet, going out of service. This self-contained unit provides a reliable, economic alternative to costly, hazardous electric cooling such as muffin fans or air conditioning systems. It does not require a special NEMA-7 or -9 enclosure even in potentially explosive environments. Combined with the optional control valve, enclosure temperatures can be maintained for pennies a day.
  • Lightweight, durable components.
  • Can be tailored to users’ specific requireme
  • Uses typical plant air supply.
  • Typically reduces inlet air temperature by 60°F (33.3°C).
  • Will maintain enclosure temperature at a
    predetermined level.
  • The Vortex Cooler consists of a single vortex
    cooler and exhaust flow controller connected
    with 3 ft. of heavy duty hose.
  • 100% factory tested