Steam Equipments Pvt Ltd.’s sample cooler is a compact unit, specially designed as per ASME SECVIII, Div-1 & ASME PTC-19.11 recommendations, to handle high pressure & high temperature applications.
These coolers as designed for counter flow cooling to achieve very close temperature approach of the sample to coolant.
The cooler is made up of double helix coil which meets ASME D1192 requirements, fitted with a baffle for maximum efficiency.
The shell is mounted through flanged connections and it can be removed without disturbing sample line. Generally, SS coil is selected, however if the chloride content of the sample is high, Inconel coil is selected otherwise it may cause stress corrosion.
• For cooling high temperature liquids to safe temperatures for continuous monitoring systems.
• Boiler water.
• Refineries and petrochemical.
• Oil & Gas.
• Process steam.
• HRSG Power Plants.
• Industries like Cement, Paper, Sugar etc.
• Tube designed at 250 bar and 580 °C
• Tube material is ASTM A213 TP-316 and seamlessly built
• Shell designed at 10 bar and 200 °C
• Shell material is ASTM A312 TP-304
• End connection options of ½”, ¼”, ¾”, ⅜” OD
• Coils with double helix shape for more heat exchange.
• Compact Design: It's very compact compared with the service it is put to. The double helix coil design makes its size almost half the size of conventional single helix designs.
• High efficiency: Very close approach temperatures with minimal cooling water requirement.
• Removable shell resulting in easy on-line shell cleaning. Facilitates routine on-site maintenance easy. Coils can be cleaned in-place.
• Built-in safety valve for CW line.
• 3 stage cooling in one shell design.
• Fully stainless steel material.
• Shell relief valve: Shell is protected with a built-in-Shell Relief Valve, thus preventing accidental pressure built-up inside the shell in case of failure
• We can offer IBR approved sample coolers as well, as our facilities are approved by IBR.
• In-built safety relief valve to prevent accidents in the field in case of an (unlikely) event of coil failure. This kind of failure may occur due to chloride attack & stainless steel fails under this attack. It is always advisable to therefore have a built-in shell relief valve for operator safety.
• For specific applications we can offer IBR / CRN approved sample coolers, for aggressive environments (high chloride content), we can offer Inconnel coils in our sample coolers.
• Truly Counter-flow design. Counter flow technique of the sample and the cooling water, which ensures that the sample & cooling water flow in opposite direction, thus resulting in effective cooling of the sample.
• Sample coils that are easy to replace, as they are not welded to the top flange. This also provides easy maintenance of the cooler. With the presence of a drain plug at the bottom of the cooler, flushing out of cooling water and cleaning the cooler is effective and easy.
• No joints on the coil: A complete single piece coil assures trouble free operations with no risks of failure of joints inside the shell.


The Variable Pressure Reducer and Thermal shut off (VRTS) is used to reduce the pressure and control the flow of high-pressure steam and liquid samples, and shut off the sample line for high sample temperature. The VRTS is a compact version for pressure reduction. The pressure of the incoming sample is reduced as the liquid is forced to travel through the narrow gap between the tapered rod and the rod opening. Because the work is done over the entire length of the rod, localized wear is held to a minimum. The result is a very long service life compared with devices in which the pressure drop is taken over a very short distance (fixed orifice, pressure regulator, etc.). Other devices erode frequently causing function loss and down time. Thermal shut off valve at the end will close if sample temperature increases by preset value. These type of pressure reducers are recommended by ASME 19.11-1997.
Modern Power Plants require Steam and Water Analysis System for Chemical Analysis of water and steam samples. Reliable and stable high-pressure reduction, High Temperature shutoff presents sampling problems for the system designer. VRTS is designed to solve both reliable high-pressure reductions by rod-in-tube technology and high temperature sample shut-off by thermal expansion/contraction element technology. Also, inbuilt clean in place valve avoids plugging of valves. The Annual Book of ASTM Standards. ASTM Designation 03370 recommends rod in tube pressure reducer for samples pressure greater than 500 psig (34.5barg)
• Designed for high pressure boiler sampling lines above 35 kg/cm2 (500 psig) with inlet pressure upto 375 kg/cm2. • Used to reduce the sample pressure from 400 bar to 3 bar. • Outlet pressure totally adjustable. Outlet pressure 0 to 30 bar adjustable. • Rod-In-Tube Design
• No Filters Required
• Built-in thermal shut off valve
• Built-in pressure relief valve
• Built-in temp contacts
• On line grab sample valve
• On line blow down valve
• 6 components in one assembly
• Maintenance free with online clearing arrangement.
• Robust design.
• In line with recommendations of ASME PTC 19.11-2008
• No Filters Required
• Wetted Material: Stainless Steel 316
• Pressure rating: 5680 psig (400 bar(g))
• Temperature rating: 650 °C
• Maximum Flow: 100 LPH (liquid)
• End connections: ¼” (6.4 mm) OD tube


Back pressure regulator, for gas or liquid service, is used to maintain the constant pressure in sampling system or act in a relief valve capacity. These regulators are generally used at outlet of grab sample.
BPRV are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, etc.

• Steam & Water Analysis Systems
• Instrumentation systems
• Set pressure: 3 bar, temp: 120°C (max)
• Very compact design
• Stainless steel diaphragm
• Fully stainless steel construction
• 1/4" OD or 3/8" OD end connections
• High Pressure capability upto 10 kg/cm2
• Suitable for corrosive applications
• Low operating torque
• Compact design
• Slim – Design for better performance
• Color indicating type resin
• Optional quick-disconnecting kit
• Corrosion resistant
• Type: Spring Loaded Diaphragm type
• Body material: SS 316
• Inlet Pressure: 3 to 6 kg/cm2
• Set Pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2
• Setting: Adjustable with screw
• Flow: 60 LPH
• Weight: 1.1 kgs (approx)


This valve is installed in the downstream of sampling systems/heat exchanger. The valve responds only to temperature. Under normal operation, the valve is fully open. If the sample temperature increases within the operating temperature (120ºF), The thermal actuator modulates the valve to close the inlet orifice. The valve automatically opens as the thermal actuator cools. The heart of this valve is a solid to liquid phase change thermal actuator. The actuator contains Thermoloid® compound which changes phase from solid to a liquid as the temperature increases. As phase change occurs, the volume of Thermoloid® material changes significantly with the liquid volume greater than the solid volume. Since Thermoloid® is essentially incompressible under normal operating loads & it is sealed into a rigid actuator housing, only piston can move and extend as the volume increases. This motion is used to open or close the valve.
BPRV are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, etc.

• Steam & Water Analysis Systems
• Instrumentation systems


• Steam and Water Sampling Systems
• Automatic Thermostatic Bypass
• Thermostatic Flow Control
• High or low Temperature Relief Valve
• High Temperature Safety Shut-off
• Thermostatic Drain Valve
• Thermostatic Cooling Water Control
• Thermostatic Condensate Drain
• Heat Exchangers
• AUTOMATIC: No reset or Operator involvement required.
• NO outside Power Source required.
• Rugged, Compact Design, Easy Installation, Fast response.
• Reliable Shut-off : Ram-type plug design provides tight seal upon shutoff.
• Operating temperatures unaffected by pressure.
• Wide Choice of Set points
• Corrosion Resistant: Materials Stainless steel and Teflon to reduce contamination of Sample stream
• Operates in any orientation
• Maintenance free
• Purely Mechanical process
• Reliable shut-off: Ram-type plug design provides tight seal upon shut off.
• No malfunctioning possibility
• No operator attention required
• Keeps costly elements of systems like Analysers safe
• Maintenance free
• Maximum Pressure Rating = 300 psig
• Maximum Temperature Rating = 149 °C
• Valve Open Temperature (std) = 60 °C
• Valve Close Temperature (std) = 65 °C
• Non standard ranges available
• Sample connection = ½” NPT (F)


An ion-exchange resin or ion-exchange polymer is a resin or polymer that acts as a medium for ion exchange. The cation resin replaces contaminating cations such as Ca++, Mg++, Na+, NH4+, and amines in the sample with hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions exchanged for the other cations in the sample increase the conductivity contributed by the contaminant salts of mineral acid anions listed above by 3 or 4 times.
Resin column is used for the measurement of cation conductivity.
• Slim –Design for better performance
• Colour indicating type
• Optional quick-disconnecting kit
• Corrosion resistant
• Designed for Max Pressure up to 6 Bar
• Design Temperature: 80o C
• Easy replacement of resin & Maintenance free
• Supplied more than 2000 Cation Columns all over India
• Corrosion resistant
• Colour indicating type resin
• Easy replacement of resin
• Pipe size: 60 mm OD
• Height: 300 mm
• Material: Clear acrylic
• Quantity: 900 ml
• End connection: ¼” OD
• Flow rate: 30 LPH


Steam Equipment’s high-pressure sample filter is used to trap the particles up to 40 microns and may reduce plugging of the sampling lines. These Filters are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, to avoid chocking of the sampling lines. This filter comes with online cleaning arrangement with optional blowdown port.
Filters are required in sampling system to protect sample coolers, valves, analyzer elements etc. from contaminants.
• High pressure capability: Maximum inlet pressure up to 250 Kg/Cm2
• 40 Micron Sintered Stainless steel filter elements
• Suitable for corrosive applications
• Very High operating temperature up to 500o C
• Compact design
• Spring Loaded, Easy to clean
• Stainless steel body material
• Compact Design
• Spring loaded, Easy to clean
• Spring loaded ‘T’ type construction
• Body material : SS 316
• Filter rating: 40 micron
• Design Pressure: 375 kg/cm2
• Design Temperature: 500 °C