Application Information
  Total Sulphides Analyzer  
The Model 6200E Total Sulfides Analyzer utilizes proven UV fluorescent technology to continuously detect sulfides found in inert gas streams. An internal, quartz catalytic converter is employed to convert the sulfides, when mixed with scrubbed ambient air, into SO2 via high temperature oxidation.
An internal vacuum pump is employed to draw both the sample and the ambient air into the converter. The converted sample gas is fed to the fluorescence chamber where it is then exposed to ultra-violet radiation.

• High sensitivity with user selectable ranges from 0-50 ppb to 0-20 ppm
• Microprocessor controlled, providing advanced user interface capabilities
• Built-in data acquisition capability using the analyzer’s own RAM
• Extremely high-end self diagnostic capability providing continuous self checking with continuous warning alarms
• Bi-directional RS-232C for remote operation
• Critical orifices provide flow sensitivity
• High temperature TRS converter
• Digital status outputs provide instrument condition
• Easy to read display
• Proven UV fluorescence technique

  Ultra Trace Flourescent SO2 Analyzer  
Model 6400E uses the proven UV fluorescence principle, coupled with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to provide accurate and dependable measurements of low level S0 2.
Exceptional stability is achieved with the use of an optical shutter to compensate for PMT drift and a reference detector to correct for changes in UV lamp intensity.
  • Ranges are 0-50 ppb to 0-20 ppm, user selectable
  • Dual ranges and auto ranging
  • Microprocessor controlled for versatility
  • Multi-tasking software allows viewing test variables while operating
  • Continuous self checking with alarms
  • Dual bi-directional RS-232 ports for remote operation (optional RS-485 or Ethernet)
  • Digital status outputs indicate instrument operating condition
  • Adaptive signal filtering optimizes response time
  • Temperature and pressure compensation
  • Internal Zero & Span check (optional)
  • Internal data logging with 1 min to 365 day multiple averages
  • Critical orifices provide flow stability


  Series 6000 Ultraviolet Photometric Analyzer  
Series 6000 Microprocessor Controlled Ultraviolet Photometer is designed to provide continuous on-line analytical data of critical process conditions and eliminate time consuming laboratory analysis. This analyzer can be configured to measure at any wavelength within the ultraviolet or visible portions of the electromagnetic energy spectrum.
Since numerous gases and liquids have a useful absorbance peak in the ultraviolet region, a wide variety of applications are possible.

• Microprocessor based, high resolution, ultra stable elevvctronics (no potentiometers)
• Three user-selectable ranges
• Signal & Range ID output: 0-1 VDC and 4-20 mADC (isolated)
• Programmable auto ranging
• Range ID contacts (quantity 4) Form A normally open contacts, 3A@250 VAC resistive
• Two adjustable concentration alarm set points with programmable relay function Form C contacts, 3A@250 VAC resistive
• Programmable auto calibration with mode ID Form A normally open contacts
• Remotely operated calibration (customer supplied valves and 24 VDC signal)
• Self diagnostics with Form C failure contacts
• Full duplex RS232 communication link
• Power: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz