Application Information
  Sentinel Analyzers  
Teledyne offers two proven standard sensor configurations as functioning receptacles for its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) cartridge. The SP-1 immersion or the SP-2 valve retractable sensors come in a variety of materials to further enhance the resistance of aggressive corrosion aqueous media and can be ordered in varying lengths to meet installation requirements.
  • Teledyne’s ORP electrode and sensor have a low physical
    profile (3/4” dia) that allows for greater ease of insertion into
    potentially high flow rate/pressure pipelines. Selectable sensor
    housing lengths allow for reaching deep aeration basins or
  • The ORP electrode (cartridge) is replaceable (as a component
    of the sensor) at a much lower life cycle cost than that of the
    competition. The sensor has a preamp (signal conditioner)
    integral to the sensor that provides a cleaner signal for
    transmission over longer cable lengths.
  • Attempting to measure ORP with a pH electrode will yield
    an unacceptable offset in mV. An oxidizing agent such as
    quinhydrone (cyclohexadiene) must be added to the buffer
    to develop a measurement standard. Being acidic, the
    quinhydrone must be used @ 7pH or less (4pH). This, then,
    will approximate a correct mV reading of 59.1 per decade.