Application Information
  Pressure Reducer (Rod-in-Tube Type)  
Steam Equipment’s High pressure reducer is designed for high pressure boiler sampling lines above 35 Kg/Cm2 with inlet pressure upto 375 Kg/Cm2 and outlet pressure totally adjustable These type of pressure reducers are recommended by ASME 19.11-1997 steam and water sampling, conditioning & analysis in power cycle.
  • Rod-In-Tube Design


  • Designed for High Pr. upto 400 Bar

  • Outlet pressure 1 to 30 Kg/cm2 Adj.

  • Design Temperature : 350°C

  • Designed in accordance with ASME-PTC 19.11 recommendations

  • ON-LINE Cleaning (In-Situ) by retracting the rodswithout disconnecting the sample line

  • No Spring or diaphragms used

  • No valve plug, or Valves Seat

  • No Filters Required.

  • Maintenance free.

  • ON-LINE Cleaning (In-Situ) by retracting the rods without disconnecting the sample line
  High Pressure Reducer (VRTS)  
VRTS is used to reduce the sample pressure from 400 bar to 3 bar
  • Rod-In-Tube Pressure Reducer

  • Designed for High Pressure 400 Bar, Temperature : 650 Degree Celsius

  • Outlet pressure 0 to 30 Bar Adjustable.

  • Built-in Thermal Shut-off Valve

  • Built-in Pressure relief valve

  • Built-in Temp contacts

  • Online grab sample valve

  • Online blow down valve

  • No Filters Required.

  • 6 components in one assembly.

  • Maintenance free with online cleaning arrangement.