Application Information
  Oxygen Alarm Monitor - Model 3350  
Model 3350 complies with all of the requirements of the Commonwealth of Europe (CE) for Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Interference (RFI/EMI), and Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

• Accurate readings of oxygen content at the standard 0-25% range.
(Consult factory for other ranges)
• Large, bright, light emitting diode meter readout.
• Nylon cell holder.
• Simple pushbutton span controls.
• Advanced Micro-fuel Cell, for percent analysis, has a 12 month
• Unaffected by oxidizing gasses.
• Fast response and recovery time.
• Microprocessor based electronics: 8bit CMOS microprocessor with
on-board RAM and 16KB ROM.
• Air calibration range for convenient spanning at 20.9% oxygen.