Application Information
  Oval Gear Flow Meter  
Oval Gear flow meters are positive displacement type ideally suited for high viscosity fluids and for monitoring low flow rates. These are available with rotors made of special materials like PPS resin, PEEK resin, Stainless Steel and other special resins. Viscosity ranges from 0-5 mPa s to 500 mPa s and can be handled under operating temperatures from -10°C to +60°C. These are simple, elegant and firm constructions with built in pulse generators. Multiple flow control systems can be made up with Valvings. Ideally suited for fine chemical processes, combustion appliances, and humidification appliances.
Standard Specifications
Size Ranges Rp 6mm to Rp 20mm (1/8” to 3/4”)
Flow Ranges 0.12 LPH to 500 LPH
(0.0005 GPM to 22 GPM)
Accuracy ±10% for lower sizes
±1% for higher sizes
Max. Inlet Pressure 0.3MPa for lower sizes
0.98MPa for higher sizes
Detection Method Magnetic Sensor
Response Frequency Max. 100Hz
Power Supply 12-24 V DC ±10%
Max. Transmission Distance 1 Km
Fluid Wetted Materials PEEK Resin, PPS Resin, Special Resins, Stainless Steel

Note: All flow meters must be fitted with a Strainer which can withstand 1.5 MPa pressure with SS 316 mesh incorporated.