Application Information
  Optical DO Analyzer - Model LXT-220-D08  
The LXT-220-D08 optical dissolved oxygen sensor uses a fluorescence quenching method to determine the oxygen concentration in water. The use of this Optical Dissolved Oxygen method by the LXT-220-D08 minimizes maintenance, increases reliability and improves the long term accuracy of the measurement. Combine this improved measurement technology with the rugged, easy to install design and the LXT-220-D08 provides the best solution for long term measurements in aeration basins, aquaculture and all types of environmental water.

• Optical technology
Minimum maintenance
Long maintenance intervals
Stable measurement
Maximum measurement accuracy

• No flow needed
Measurement possible in still water

• Intelligent sensor
Self monitoring
Storage of calibration data in sensor

• Digital data transmission
Insensitive to electromagnetic interferences

• Dual Channel Capability
Lower Cost - 2 DO8 sensors per analyzer