Application Information
  Double Pass Dust Monitor for monitoring dust emissions using DDP - DSL 340  
The DSL-340 Dust Monitor uses the innovative Dynamic Detection Principle (DDP) to measure dust, smoke and particulate concentration present in an exhaust gas flow in a duct, stack or flue. A light beam emitted from the Transceiver (TRX) passes across the duct, stack or flue to a Reflector, which returns the light beam to the TRX. Particles moving through the beam will cause fluctuations in the intensity of light received by the TRX. When calibrated against standard reference measurements, the magnitude of the signal variation relates directly to the dust, smoke and particulate concentration.

• In-situ measurement directly in exhaust gas flow
• Innovative Dynamic Detection Principle, (DDP), measurement technique
• Measurement reading as mg/m3 (when calibrated against
standard reference measurements)
• Choice of interface options enabling easy integration into plant control system
• Free utility software for PC based setup, control and data logging
• Optional Operator Interface with different mounting configurations
• IP65 rated external enclosure