Application Information
  Kinetic Flow Meter - KFM 2100 Kinetic Flow Meters  
KFM 2100 Series is an advanced flow element that is suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement with high accuracy and repeatability. This is due to the patented design that uses a stream-lined bullet shaped flow element that causes minimum disruption to the flowing medium with low pressure drop but providing unmatched turndown.

• A novel design approach in fluid flow measurement
• High turn down
• No moving parts
• No need for straight runs
• Stream-lined measuring section: Low pressure drop
• Measurement is independent of flow regime: Suitable for laminar, turbulent and transition flow conditions
• Volumetric and mass flow measurement with built-in temperature sensor option
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Suitable for liquids, gases and steam
• Patented design (Patent No. US 7,478,565 B2)