Application Information
  Methane / NonMethane / Total Hydrocarbon - Model 4040  
Model 4040 is a microprocessor-based, oven heated methane / nonmethane / total hydrocarbon gas analyzer designed for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability. The 4040 is designed to continuously measure a variety of hydrocarbon concentrations from one sampling point.

• Easy to use software
• GC Technology used for separation
• Automatic fuel shut off system
• Automatic flame-out indicator
• Adjustable alarm and oven settings
• Precision 1% of full scale
• Fast response
- Methane and Nonmethane - minimum 2.5 minutes per
column cycle
- Total Hydrocarbons – within 5 seconds to 90% of final
reading (continuous real time measurement)
• Two stage sample filter with exchangeable stainless steel
• Teflon isolated detectors (FIDs)
• 19" rack / bench mount
• Heated sample pump head
• Automatic ignition

  Acetaldehyde / Benzene / Toluene / Xylene  
Model 4060 is a microprocessor based instrument ideal for the specific monitoring of trace levels of Benzene in gases such as carbon dioxide, air, and nitrogen. Designed as an on-line analyzer in a 19” rack, the Model 4060 comes with three standard ranges, the most sensitive at 100 ppb full-scale.

• User programmable ranges
• Standard auto-calibration programming
– ideal for unmanned plant conditions
• Enhanced temperature control of sample
compartment for stable, reproducible results
• Electronic Flame Out Guard circuitry
• Stainless steel sample system with flexible
design to handle either a 100% H2, H2 / N2, or
H2 / He support gas fuel mixture
• Easily accessible pressure and flow control
• Slide out chassis design provides operators
with easy access to internal components
• CE marked
• X-purged configurations for hazardous
area installations available
• Multiple gas calibration not required