Application Information
  TOT- Hosedown Station  
The TOT-Hosedown Station has been designed to put the safety of your operators first, thanks to it's innovative technology. The system utilizes a thermal element located in the downstream leg of the mixing valve. The thermal element is designed to throttle steam flow should the temperature set point be exceeded and will completely shut down at 15°F above set point or if cold water flow is interrupted. The thermal element will not re-open until cold water flow is restored.
  • Safe operation: auto shut-off of steam if cold water flow is interrupted
  • In-line field serviceable mixing valve:
    • cartridge element can be easily cleaned or replaced in minutes, making the washdown station work like new again
  • Provided with heavy duty globe valves for independent throttling, allowing for cold water only or independent adjustment of water temperature
  • Check valves, stainless steel thermometer, globe valves and stainless steel hose rack, standard with all units
  • Designed to fit in place of standard industrial hose stations