Application Information
  Free Chlorine Analyser - Model FCA-22  
The FCA22 is a panel mounted, ready to use FreeChlorine Analyzer. It is designed to monitor freechlorine in drinking water, rinse water, coolingwater or other fresh water samples from 0.05 – 20 ppm Cl2. The FCA22 features a plug and play designthat incorporates a flow control device, a pH sensor, a chlorine sensor and the analyzer/ controllerconveniently mounted on a PVC panel. Connect thesample and drain lines, connect the power andoutputs and it is ready to use. Calibration is accomplished by DPD comparison.
  • Panel Mounted System
  • Plumb and Play Design
  • Automatic pH Compensation
  • Automatic Flow Control
  • C22 Analyser Capability