Application Information
  Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter - LXT-280  
Model LXT-280 Transmitter is a robust and versatile instrument for measurement and process control of dissolved oxygen. This instrument is Factory Mutual Approved as intrinsically safe and explosion proof for use in Class I, II, and III Divisions 1 Groups A through G hazardous areas. The Model LXT-280 transmitters provide solutions to a variety of liquid analytic applications involving hazardous areas.

• Magnetic switches located behind a glass window can be activated without having to open the instrument.
• Menu driven backlit display with contrast adjustment
• Automatic Calibration. This allows calibration points to be defined upon initialization of the transmitter.
• An easy back to factory calibration menu allows the instrument to return to a predetermined factory calibration. The default parameters are: zero electrode offset at 0 ppm or 0% oxygen and
-400 mV at full scale.
• 4-20mA current output transmitted on the same 24 VDC power wiring. The current output is fully expandable to any range within the transmitter’s full operating range. The current output can be configured to be reverse acting.
• Temperature Conversion. Temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The units can be toggled from one to the other in the field with the conversion calculation performed automatically.