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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is well acknowledged by organizations. A corporate social responsibility ensures the part of organization in the well being of community as well as environment. Various types of norms as well as regulations being introduced by government by which firms are abide to implement the same. Here, at steam equipment we believe in following the rules and regulations governed for the environment. safety of environment as well as working personnel is priority above all things.

Generally a corporate social responsibility can cause an organization some amount of money but the long term effects of CSR are very fruitful for all. Wellness of society and environment is achieved by CSR in many perspectives. Believe in giving to society. Think globally act locally. The value of our actions is always accounted by how the affect to environment and ambience.

Giving Back To Society

We, at Steam Equipments, believe in giving back to the society that nurtures all of us. Our management team members actively contribute to a lot of social initiatives. We were part of an event that happened recently in Pune. Some of the poor couples from poor economic background got married in this event. The marriages were sponsored by some social organizations & we were also part of this. Seen in the picture is our director, Mrs. Nayab Syed addressing the function.