Application Information
  Max 5 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer  
Teledyne's Max 5 Combustion Efficiency Analyzer is the quick and easy way to fine tune boilers, furnaces, fireboxes and any commercial or industrial combustion process. With the Max 5's logical design and simple controls, it's easy to obtain money saving combustion efficiency. At the push of a button, this unit calculates efficiency and displays the results of burner adjustments without the need for charts or tables. In addition, the unit is compact and completely portable, making it convenient to spot check in the most difficult locations.

• Measures O2, CO, combustibles, temperature;
calculates CO2 and net efficiency
• NiCad battery powered with built-in AC charger
• 15 foot (4.5 meter) sampling hose
• Auto calibration of O2 sensor
• Auto zero of combustible and CO sensor
• RS-232C serial data output
• Storage capability for 20 sets of data
• Low battery indicator