Application Information
  Dew-Point Transmitters  
Many processes are damaged when exposed to too much moisture, leading to stoppages for un-scheduled maintenance, loss of product or even dangerous reactions. Correct and reliable measurement of moisture is a key part of preventative maintenance which contributes to long-term savings on energy used.
Our dew-point sensors and transmitters use ceramic impedance and polymer technologies, developed by our engineers to suit a range of applications.



•  Cermet II - Reliable On-Line Dew-Point Measurement


•  Cermet II I.S. - Online Hygrometer with Intrinsically Safe Sensor


•  DryCheck - Self-Contained Dew-Point Instrument


•  Easidew 34 - Dew-Point Transmitter


•  Easidew I.S. Dew-Point Transmitter - For Hazardous Area Applications


•  Easidew Online - Dew-Point hygrometer


•  Easidew PRO I.S. - Intrinsically Safe Dew-Point Transmitter


•  Easidew Sampler - Low Cost Self-Contained Sampling System


•  Easidew Transmitter - 2-Wire Dew-Point Transmitter


•  ES10 - Sampling System


•  Intrinsically Safe Field Display - for use with Easidew I.S. and Easidew PRO I.S.


•  Pura - Pure Gas Dew-Point Transmitter / On-Line


•  Pura Plus - In-Line Trace Moisture Event Sensor


•  SF52 - Dew-point Transmitter


•  Transmet I.S. - Intrinsically Safe Dew-Point Transmitter